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Portable quality sound systems take on a new style with Juke Case

portable quality sound

After seeing so many people walking around with their white Apple headphones stuck into their ears it makes you wonder how many of us,

  1. Like to socialise and communicate with others instead of closing ourselves off from the potential of enjoying conversation & interaction with others.
  2. Enjoy the freedom of not wearing headphones yet still be able to enjoy your current favorite tunes.

Son Valise came up with the idea of escaping the stereo-types by creating a type of case that is stereo!

Portable quality sound systems

Son claims he was inspired by the lack of devices out there aimed at giving users quality sound systems that were portable.  The result is a product that is surely unique and assures buyers they will not find another Juke Case the exactly the same as another.  Whilst I personally haven’t listened to one yet, one thing is for sure, you’ll look a whole lot cooler carrying one of these around to the next get-together than wearing white in-ear headphones. Although there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the brand/quality of drivers used in the Juke Case it’s bound to sound a whole lot better than any headphones, unless you want to spend at least $200 on a pair of good quality speakers for your head, speaker size matters!

So..you’re looking cool with a retro / vintage portable sound system, you get to share your music with other people and relax knowing no one else will look just like you.  Sounds like a case, a case of sound.

We loved this case the most, what looks to us like a real portable quality sound system consisting of what appears to be a 3 way speaker system!

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