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With more technology available than ever before, buildings that incorporate some form of Audio Visual and/or Information Technology regardless of whether they are workplaces, education institutions, entertainment venues or someone’s house are becoming common place. Internet connectivity has quickly become an almost essential part of every aspect of our lives. Particularly dealing with premises that are architect designed means there is often particular details in the design that need the attention of the AV installer to ensure the right equipment and cabling will be able to be installed in the right areas. Bulk heads, Ceiling cavities, Roof lines, Cupboards, Floor coverings and even the position of windows and doors are all aspects which need to be considered when successfully incorporating technology into your workplace or home.

Whether it be a new AV installation or retrofitting into an existing premise, we can work with you, your builder or architect to ensure regardless of your plans the wide perspective though which we see things paves the way for a simplified future where technology works not only for you but with you.