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Finally, a quality solution for Wireless speakers is here. Introducing Dynaudio Xeo wireless speakers


wireless speaker system

Quality wireless speakers are here

With many people looking for wireless speaker options these days, there is finally a genuinely solid offering from Danish speaker experts, Dynaudio. Whilst these have been around for over a year now, many people are unaware that a quality option for wireless speakers is even available.

Like all wireless speakers, there is still the need for power at the speakers however simply plug them in along with the Xeo Hub (the unit’s main “brain”) and you’ll be listening to sound from your iPhone, iPod, Andriod device, MP3 player, pretty much any device can connect to the Xeo Hub allowing simple playback of all your sound. You can even add additional speakers anywhere in your home or office without having to install a single speaker cable. Extend sound upto 20 meters (more in areas with no walls etc.) away from the Xeo Hub and even have fidelity multi-room audio using this superior wireless sound system.

If you have been waiting to purchase a wireless audio system but without the poor reliability and dull sound quality – now is the time to be amazed by Dynaudio Xeo, the world’s best wireless sound system. Visit the manufacturers website to see the full details – Contact us for further details, we also can offer a demonstration of this stunning system.

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