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Quality Bluetooth speaker from Dynaudio

For years Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio has been synonymous with ear cringing low-fi sound quality that was unbearable even for basic sound definition such as voice for a telephone call.  Now, well over a decade into the technology’s (Bluetooth) existence we not only have seen some major improvements in the early basic sound quality Bluetooth catered for but it now can transfer audio with high resolution format.

Enter the Intelligent wireless music system speaker range from Dynaudio, Music

This range of battery /mains powered Wi-Fi speakers from the Danish speaker experts goes from the Music 1 RRP $699 through to the much larger sound bar like Music 7 RRP $1599.  With four different models available in four different colour variants, there is the ability to have sound that surpasses your average (or even your better known) ‘dock’ in nearly any space.

This range of speakers are not just speakers but an intelligent way to enjoy the music you love allowing almost any form of connectivity and even a free app to help you get the most out of your time listening.  Check out the details : https://www.dynaudio.com/home-audio/music/discover

See a recent review of the Music 7 here :


Contact us for a demonstration, you will be impressed.

Portable quality sound systems take on a new style with Juke Case

portable quality sound

After seeing so many people walking around with their white Apple headphones stuck into their ears it makes you wonder how many of us,

  1. Like to socialise and communicate with others instead of closing ourselves off from the potential of enjoying conversation & interaction with others.
  2. Enjoy the freedom of not wearing headphones yet still be able to enjoy your current favorite tunes.

Son Valise came up with the idea of escaping the stereo-types by creating a type of case that is stereo!

Portable quality sound systems

Son claims he was inspired by the lack of devices out there aimed at giving users quality sound systems that were portable.  The result is a product that is surely unique and assures buyers they will not find another Juke Case the exactly the same as another.  Whilst I personally haven’t listened to one yet, one thing is for sure, you’ll look a whole lot cooler carrying one of these around to the next get-together than wearing white in-ear headphones. Although there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the brand/quality of drivers used in the Juke Case it’s bound to sound a whole lot better than any headphones, unless you want to spend at least $200 on a pair of good quality speakers for your head, speaker size matters!

So..you’re looking cool with a retro / vintage portable sound system, you get to share your music with other people and relax knowing no one else will look just like you.  Sounds like a case, a case of sound.

We loved this case the most, what looks to us like a real portable quality sound system consisting of what appears to be a 3 way speaker system!

Check out their storyquality speakers


Check out their website

Of course contact us if you are interested in any type of quality sound systems

Finally, a quality solution for Wireless speakers is here. Introducing Dynaudio Xeo wireless speakers


wireless speaker system

Quality wireless speakers are here

With many people looking for wireless speaker options these days, there is finally a genuinely solid offering from Danish speaker experts, Dynaudio. Whilst these have been around for over a year now, many people are unaware that a quality option for wireless speakers is even available.

Like all wireless speakers, there is still the need for power at the speakers however simply plug them in along with the Xeo Hub (the unit’s main “brain”) and you’ll be listening to sound from your iPhone, iPod, Andriod device, MP3 player, pretty much any device can connect to the Xeo Hub allowing simple playback of all your sound. You can even add additional speakers anywhere in your home or office without having to install a single speaker cable. Extend sound upto 20 meters (more in areas with no walls etc.) away from the Xeo Hub and even have fidelity multi-room audio using this superior wireless sound system.

If you have been waiting to purchase a wireless audio system but without the poor reliability and dull sound quality – now is the time to be amazed by Dynaudio Xeo, the world’s best wireless sound system. Visit the manufacturers website to see the full details – Contact us for further details, we also can offer a demonstration of this stunning system.

SunBrite TV’s New Signature Series Models Are Thinner And Cooler Than Ever


TVs designed to withstand the harsh heat extremes, bugs, dirt, and moisture of the outdoors aren’t updated, redesigned, and overhauled nearly as frequently as their indoor brethren are. But when SunBriteTV announces new upgrades for its all-weather displays, you can rest assured it’s a big one. In fact, it would be fair to say that the two new Signature Series models debuted by the company this week represent a monumental leap over the already impressive existing designs.

How monumental? Try 50 percent slimmer, with substantially better heat resistance due to a redesigned, patented cooling system that allows the displays to operate in temperatures up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. (And I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty worthless at anything north of 85 degrees, so that’s pretty impressive.)

The new Signature Series offerings consist of two new models: the 32-inch SB-3270HD and the 46-inch SB-4760HD. Both achieve their thinner profile (3.76 inches deep for the SB-3270HD; 3.74 inches for the SB-4760HD) thanks to the use of a fully backlit LED array, which should also give the new TVs excellent screen uniformity and wonderful brightness.

The new models also sport powder-coated aluminum exteriors that not only reduce weight, but also improve the strength of the cabinets as compared with their predecessors.

The SB-3270HD and SB-4760HD are also completely custom-installation-ready thanks to the inclusion of RS232 Serial and concealed IR control ports, but they also come with their own weatherproof remote controls, in the event that you don’t want to extend your home control system out into the backyard.

Bring Unforgettable Entertainment Outdoors


Play It Safe With Proper Installation 

Outdoors entertainment can be an unforgettable experience. It can also be a dangerous one if you don’t have the proper equipment installed by proven professionals. We’ll make sure everything you choose – speakers, flat-panel TVs, remotes, movie screens and more – can withstand all weather conditions in your environment. We’ll also ensure everything is properly installed and optimized for outdoors use, providing you the safest, highest-quality experience.

Sound Advice on Quality and Safety

High-performance audio, driven by a quality amplifier, is one of the most common elements of an outdoors entertainment system. But don’t make the same mistake many people do by thinking that tucking the amplifier under a wet bar or hiding it in an outbuilding means it’s protected from the elements. An amplifier has to withstand everyday weather conditions. One that doesn’t can lead to blown speakers or even electrocution. Investing in a strong, well-built amp, like Sonance’s Sonamp 875D SE, guarantees great sound and safety.