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With so much technology constantly being released see some of the interesting news happening in the audio visual industry here.

Quality Bluetooth speaker from Dynaudio

For years Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio has been synonymous with ear cringing low-fi sound quality that was unbearable even for basic sound definition such as voice for a telephone call. …[Read More…]

quality sound systems

Portable quality sound systems take on a new style with Juke Case

After seeing so many people walking around with their white Apple headphones stuck into their ears it makes you wonder how many of us, Like to socialise and communicate with…[Read More…]

wireless speakers

Finally, a quality solution for Wireless speakers is here. Introducing Dynaudio Xeo wireless speakers

  Quality wireless speakers are here With many people looking for wireless speaker options these days, there is finally a genuinely solid offering from Danish speaker experts, Dynaudio. Whilst these…[Read More…]


SunBrite TV’s New Signature Series Models Are Thinner And Cooler Than Ever

TVs designed to withstand the harsh heat extremes, bugs, dirt, and moisture of the outdoors aren’t updated, redesigned, and overhauled nearly as frequently as their indoor brethren are. But when…[Read More…]


Bring Unforgettable Entertainment Outdoors

Play It Safe With Proper Installation  Outdoors entertainment can be an unforgettable experience. It can also be a dangerous one if you don’t have the proper equipment installed by proven…[Read More…]