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Play It Safe With Proper Installation 

Outdoors entertainment can be an unforgettable experience. It can also be a dangerous one if you don’t have the proper equipment installed by proven professionals. We’ll make sure everything you choose – speakers, flat-panel TVs, remotes, movie screens and more – can withstand all weather conditions in your environment. We’ll also ensure everything is properly installed and optimized for outdoors use, providing you the safest, highest-quality experience.

Sound Advice on Quality and Safety

High-performance audio, driven by a quality amplifier, is one of the most common elements of an outdoors entertainment system. But don’t make the same mistake many people do by thinking that tucking the amplifier under a wet bar or hiding it in an outbuilding means it’s protected from the elements. An amplifier has to withstand everyday weather conditions. One that doesn’t can lead to blown speakers or even electrocution. Investing in a strong, well-built amp, like Sonance’s Sonamp 875D SE, guarantees great sound and safety.

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